Week 19 # 31 – Eye Lines (Mom and Chicks)

This photo of the Great Blue Heron mom and chicks was taken at the Venice Rookery earlier this week. The chick has just had some breakfast, but it seems to want more to eat.

Although only one chick is clearly visible, there are actually three chicks in the nest. If you look carefully, you may see two furry balls surrounding the visible chick. They are about one week old.

The image is cropped a lot. But since I was using a Nikon D850 (with full frame sensor at 8256×5504 maximum resolution) at 600mm, the image still seems suitable for viewing online or an 8″x10″ print.



Week 17 – #12 Wild Card – Lunar Eclipse

  • Lunar eclipse
  • Blood moon
  • Blue moon
  • Super moon (not really according to NASA)

No matter what you call it, the lunar eclipse the night of January 20 and into the early morning of January  21, 2019 EST was beautiful.

During the day of the eclipse, the sky was cloudy and the winds were blowing strong. Early in the evening, the winds started to die down. About 15 minutes before the earth started to eclipse the moon, the clouds moved on. The full eclipse lasted nearly an hour!



Week 16 – #27 Movement – Cormorant Fishing

I took this photo at the Venice Rookery. I first saw this cormorant diving in the waters surrounding the rookery. Once she caught this fish, she flew to some shrubs on the shore near where I was photographing. I took my camera off the tripod and shot this handheld.

It looks like the fish is flying into her mouth. Actually, the cormorant had stabbed the fish and I snapped this photo as she was re-positioining the fish to slide down her throat.

Thanks to fast burst shooting, I was able to capture this moment.