February – “F” is for Frog

Some very colorful frogs at Mike Matthew’s Macro Workshop on February 15. Mike provided the frogs (and other creatures). These were taken in a hotel conference room.




February – Something Red

More work with my new macro lens. Flowers outdoors are more challenging that flowers indoors with controlled lighting.

Above: Outdoors with on-camera flash.


Above: Indoors with off-camera flash (2 lume cubes).

Theme: Macro in Mono (Jan 2020)


Playing around with my new macro lens (Tamron 90mm). I found a few mushrooms of various sizes in our yard. The next day they grew. The next day they grew even larger. Then a couple of them flattened out. Above is part of one of the large flattened ones.

I converted the photo to black and white using multiple adjustment layers in Photoshop. Then I added a solid color fill layer at 35% fill to subdue the color.

Below is the black and white version without the solid color fill.


Theme: Frame a Landscape (Jan 2020)

Mammoth Hot Springs

This is part of the travertine terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park. No, it is not actually those colors, but it is named “Hot” Springs. So I’m trying to portray a feeling appropriate for its name.

I really like the texture of the hot spring terraces, which may not be too noticeable here in WordPress. And I like the contrast of the two dead trees.

Thanks to Photoshop, I was able to manipulate and enhance the colors and texture of the formations. I used a technique I learned from Blake Rudis at f64elite.com. After basic edits to exposure, contrast, color, etc. , I added a black and white gradient map (not gradient) adjusted layer. This removed all colors in preparation for the next step. I then added another gradient map above and set the blend mode to color. Then I experimented with various color presets available in Photoshop. I ended up using one of the new presets in the Red group, reversed it and adjusted opacity and fill to taste.

January – Nest

It’s time for nest building at the Venice Rookery! These two great blue herons are taking a break from building or more accurately rebuilding their nest from last year. Or maybe they are discussing what’s needed next.


Week 41 – #10 Leading Lines – Ducks at the Rookery

I took this photo at the Venice Rookery while I was there to do some bird photography. This family of ducks was walking along the shore, then got in the water, and casually swam away. They were not lined up initially. One baby duck needed some encouragement to get in line. Pretty soon they were in formation.

Nice leading line with the ducks and, perhaps, the v-shape of the waves.